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Sales Tax

At, we are committed to ensuring compliance with tax regulations. As a NYC-based company, we are required to charge sales tax on certain orders placed through our website. Please read the following information to understand our tax policies:

1. Sales Tax Rate:
The sales tax rate may vary depending on your location. Please note that sales tax rates may change, so it’s essential to verify the current rate before placing an order.

2. Taxable Orders:
Sales tax is applicable to orders shipped to addresses within the United States. If your shipping address is located outside of the continental US, you will not be charged sales tax.

3. Calculating Sales Tax:
The sales tax amount is calculated based on the total purchase price of your order, including the cost of the items and any applicable shipping fees.

4. Exemptions:
Certain items may be exempt from sales tax. To determine whether your purchase qualifies for an exemption, please refer to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website, consult with a tax professional or give us for additional information.

5. Tax Invoices:
You will receive a detailed invoice with a breakdown of the sales tax amount if applicable. This invoice will be provided during the checkout process and included in your order confirmation email.

6. Reporting and Filing: is responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax to the appropriate tax authorities. We ensure compliance with all tax regulations and regularly report and file the necessary tax returns.

Please note that tax regulations are subject to change, and we may update our tax policies as required by law. We recommend checking this page for the latest information on our tax policies.

If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding sales tax on our website, please feel free to [contact our customer support](link to customer support contact page).

By providing this information, we aim to make your shopping experience at as transparent and hassle-free as possible. Thank you for choosing us for your luxury watch purchases.

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